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The investment market is seeing a strong increase of interest in sustainability and this, our 34th EdenTree Insight explores the phenomenon of sustainable investing in some detail. Knowing the importance of avoiding greenwash and building on our Amity process, we seek to define in this insight what sustainable investing means for us at EdenTree, as applied to our process.


Neville White Neville White Head of RI Policy & Research
EdenTree Insight reports


Neville White

Head of RI Policy & Research

As the world contends with multiple systematic challenges – climate change, poverty, water scarcity, ecological devastation and rising population – it is not surprising that interest has grown among some investors in seeking to respond to these imperatives directly via investment strategies that have come to be defined as ‘sustainable’. However, guided by principles and ethics, we believe it important that definitions around the various types of responsible and sustainable investment on offer to clients are transparent, robust and clear, and this is often far from simple as there is no widely accepted or consistent definition of what constitutes ‘sustainable investing’ in the UK market. Moreover, the rush to launch new or re-labelled products as ‘sustainable’ may have the potential for mis-selling.

Knowing the importance of avoiding ‘greenwash’ and building on our recently re-articulated Amity process, we seek to define in this Insight what ‘sustainable investing’ means for us as a House, as applied to our process.

We also look at the sustainable investment opportunity set and present some case studies of ‘sustainable investing’ in action through the lens of stock selection. 


As always, we hope you enjoy this EdenTree Insight, and we welcome your comments and feedback.

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