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Our funds

At EdenTree we believe that consistent, long-term returns are more likely to be achieved by investing responsibly in sustainable businesses. Which is why we adhere to our approach of Profit with Principles firmly believing that the companies still returning results tomorrow will be the ones acting responsibly today, both internally and within their communities. Our funds have won multiple awards for this approach and we are confident that they will continue to be recognised for their performance as we move forward. 

Amity European

3 FE Crown rated

European Fund
Our European Fund looks for undervalued equities across Europe. Managed by Chris Hiorns it aims to achieve long term capital growth and a reasonable level of income through a diversified portfolio. Chris seeks out companies which are making a positive contribution to their communities and the environment, as we believe these are more likely to yield long term growth. The fund is overweight in the utility and food retailing sectors and hopes to benefit from a vibrant and recovering Eurozone. Find out more…
Award Award

Amity International

FE 2017 Alpha Manager

Taking a contrarian position this fund, managed by Trustnet Alpha Manager Rob Hepworth, is overweight in Asian equities and underweight in the US. It seeks out companies who are setting an example through their environmental and corporate governance policies Find out more…

Award Award Award Award Award

Amity UK

2 FE Crown rated

With its highly diversified portfolio, this fund is designed to appeal to investors seeking to preserve capital and avoid long-term risk. It was one of the first ethical funds in the UK and has been running for nearly 30 years, a track record we hope to continue well into the future. Managed by our Head of Group Investments Sue Round the fund has an impressive track record of longevity and performance. Find out more…
Award Award Award Award

Amity Sterling Bond

4.78% distribution yield

Co-managed by Rob Hepworth and Chris Hiorns, this fund aims to achieve an attractive level of income in a highly diversified portfolio. The portfolio includes competitive corporate bonds, UK gilts, preference shares, and permanent interest bearing securities with a spread of durations. Find out more…
Award Award Award Award

Higher Income

Multi award-winning

Rob Hepworth has managed this multi-award winning fund, since its launch in 1994. It has performed  strongly, achieving 1st Quartile performance in its sector since launch. Rob attributes much of this performance to tactical asset allocation between equities and bonds whilst maintaining a strong income yield as well. Find out more…
Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award Award

UK Equity

1 FE Crown rated

UK Equity Growth
Managed by Phil Harris, the UK Equity Growth Fund is a multi-cap fund with a small-cap bias, this fund has delivered top quartile performance within the IA UK All Companies sector over 3 and 5 years. The fund was awarded Lipper's Best Fund over 5 years for Equity UK in 2015. Find out more…
Award Award Award

Funds for Charities

Our charity funds are both positively and negatively screened to ensure that our institutional clients can rest easy knowing that their returns are ethically obtained. We realise our clients are themselves held to high standards of accountability in this sector and aim to mimic this in our own approach to investing. 


Amity Balanced

3 FE crown rated

Amity Balanced
The Amity Balanced Fund has a long term objective of achieving a balance between income and capital growth, the balanced fund invests in a mix of UK gilts, corporate bonds and global equities. Find out more…
Award Award Award Award

Amity Global
Equity Income

FE 2017 Alpha Manager

Amity Global Equity Income

Investing wholly in equities, the Amity Global Equity Income Fund aims to provide above average income from investing in global companies whose share price will rise over the long term whilst still providing strong dividend yields along the way. Find out more…

Award Award

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