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We value shareholders’ role in promoting corporate governance and vote at all company meetings where we have shares, except where these are share blocked. We use Glass Lewis & Co as our proxy advisory service.

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RI Credentials 25 May 2024
UK Corporate Governance Policy 2024
RI Credentials 18 Dec 2023
PRI 2023 Transparency Report
RI Credentials 18 Dec 2023
PRI 2023 Assessment Report
RI Credentials 12 Oct 2023
UK Stewardship Code Report 2023

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The Montréal Pledge

The Montréal Pledge is a voluntary commitment by investors annually to measure and publicly report on the emissions they finance in their portfolios. EdenTree joined the pledge in 2016 and currently publishes fund emissions across five equity Funds.

The European SRI Transparency Code

An initiative sponsored by Eurosif to promote clarity and transparency on SRI practices among European investors and to hold investors accountable under the Code. EdenTree has been accredited for five consecutive years and our Code accreditation submission can be found here.

The Investment Association

The Investment Association is the representative trade body for the investment management industry. EdenTree is a member, and also takes IVIS, their Institutional Voting Information Service to assist in our UK proxy voting process.

UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association

The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association is the membership body for sustainable and responsible financial services in the UK. It contributes to raising awareness and supports its members to grow sustainable and responsible finance in the UK. 

The Principles for Responsible Investment

A UN supported organisation which works to integrate the investment implications of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and to support its international network of investor signatories in incorporating these factors into their investment and ownership strategies. EdenTree has been a signatory since March 2013 and participates in various investor working groups led by the PRI. 

Glass Lewis

Glass Lewis is EdenTree’s partner for overseas voting and is a leader in global governance services. It conducts research on AGM resolutions and executes our overseas voting based on our overseas corporate governance policy which is available here.