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<span style="color:#EBB000;">Responsible Investment Annual Activity Report 2022</span>

Responsible Investment Annual Activity Report 2022

EdenTree’s latest annual Responsible Investment Activity Report is now available. Here, you will find a round-up of activity for 2022 across the four pillars of our responsible and sustainable approach and discover how we are putting ‘Performance with Principles’ at the heart of everything we do.

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Leading the way in Responsible
and Sustainable investing

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Investing in sustainable infrastructure that makes a positive difference
Infrastructure is where we can make a difference. Renewable energy generation, energy storage, sustainable forestry, and more. We’re investing in companies that demonstrate positive environmental and social outcomes. With the potential for more attractive yields than fixed interest and lower volatility than equity.

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<h1 data-sf-tooltip="input-title" sftextdirection="" role="input" aria-label="Title" data-placeholder="Title">The Condition of Our Rivers</h1><h1 data-sf-tooltip="input-title" sftextdirection="" role="input" aria-label="Title" data-placeholder="Title"><br /></h1>

The Condition of Our Rivers

Our rivers are in trouble. The Environment Agency’s periodic review into the state of English waters has found that just 14% meet ‘Good Ecological Status’ under the Water Framework Directive – a figure that has not changed since 2009. We know this is an issue that is important, but it is one that is mostly off the radar for investors. We wanted to explore what we could do, and how we could engage on a subject that appears unduly neglected by the capital markets.

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Delivering real world positive impact alongside financial returns

Delivering real world positive impact alongside financial returns

There are many industry sectors that have a real world impact on us all, both socially and environmentally. Through our Global Impact Bond Fund we can measure and monitor these impacts, only investing where there are positive social and environmental outcomes.


<h1>The EdenTree Green Future Fund<strong></strong></h1><p><br /></p>

The EdenTree Green Future Fund

It’s time to invest in change for better

Environmental challenges are re-shaping the global economy, impacting consumers, industry and governments. We believe the best long-term investment opportunities can be found in the innovative companies that are facing up to these challenges. To create a sustainable future for us all.

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Impact Investing
RI expert briefings16 May 2023

Impact Investing

Impact investing has gained popularity in recent years, but how is impact defined? Can impact be achieved in public markets? And how does one measure impact? This RI Expert Briefing seeks to answer these questions.
3 Funds for European Exposure
EdenTree in the news08 Jun 2023

3 Funds for European Exposure



Our Responsible & Sustainable Investment Process

To be considered suitable for inclusion within our range of responsible and sustainably managed funds, securities must meet the criteria laid out by our screening model.

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Performance with principles

EdenTree is an investment management firm with a strong heritage of delivering Performance with Principles. Read on to find out about the culture, values and approach that makes us different.



About EdenTree

We are an investment manager with £3.7bn of assets under management. We believe that consistent, long-term returns are more likely to be achieved by investing responsibly in sustainable businesses.

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Our Responsible & Sustainable approach

We fully integrate ESG risk factors across our investment process in order to deliver superior returns and add value for clients. This integrated approach covers four key areas: screening, engagement, governance and thought leadership research. It is a holistic approach, which we define as responsible and sustainable investing.

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Our award winning funds

Our range of funds offer our clients the chance to diversify across asset classes, regions and strategies, but with the central philosophy that achieving consistent, long-term returns is more important than capitalising on short-term market trends.

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