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we've been investing to make a difference for 30 years.

we've been investing to make a difference for 30 years.

Others have been jumping on the responsible investing bandwagon. EdenTree were the band, before there was even a wagon. For 30 years we've been investing responsibly and sustainably. For us, this was never a fad or a fashion, this is a long-term dedication to profits with principles. 

EdenTree Insight: The Future of Road Transport

EdenTree Insight: The Future of Road Transport

In order to be sustainable, transport needs to do more than just provide access to jobs, markets, education or other services. It needs to be safe, affordable, accessible, efficient and resilient, while minimising environmental impacts. In this EdenTree Insight, we discuss the future of road transport, including the current challenges and alternatives to fossil fuels. 



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Animals, Business & Investment
EdenTree Insight reports23 Jun 2020

Animals, Business & Investment

This wide-ranging EdenTree Insight looks in turn at the myriad ways animals are utilised in and by business, and brings together in one place for clients our House thinking on issues such as animal testing, intensive farming and welfare. In looking at these in turn, we show clearly where we would not invest, but the Insight also considers where positive opportunities exist in the field of genetics, companion animals and pharmaceuticals, where welfare need not be compromised.



Our Responsible & Sustainable Investment Process

To be considered suitable for inclusion within our Amity range of responsible and sustainably managed funds, securities must meet the criteria laid out by our screening model.

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RI Credentials 07 Aug 2020
PRI Transparency Report 2020
RI Credentials 07 Aug 2020
PRI Full Assessment Report 2020

Profit with principles

EdenTree is an investment management firm with a strong heritage of delivering profits with principles. Read on to find out about the culture, values and approach that makes us different.



About EdenTree

We are an investment manager with £3bn of assets under management. We believe that consistent, long-term returns are more likely to be achieved by investing responsibly in sustainable businesses.

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Our Amity Approach

We fully integrate ESG risk factors across our investment process in order to deliver superior returns and add value for clients. This integrated approach covers four key areas: screening, engagement, governance and thought leadership research. It is a holistic approach, which we define as responsible and sustainable investing.

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Our award winning funds

Our range of screened and non-screened funds offer our clients the chance to diversify across asset classes, regions and strategies, but with the central philosophy that achieving consistent, long-term returns is more important than capitalising on short-term market trends.

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