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Corporate Responsibility

In addition to our activities as investors, we are committed to driving progress in our three priority areas of people, community and environment and to report on our corporate responsibility initiatives.



Ensuring colleagues feel valued and safe to show up as themselves

At EdenTree we are committed to Diversity and Inclusion. Not only do we feel that a responsible business like ours must champion diversity, but we proactively seek out a diverse range of thought, experience and background, bringing greater value-add to our clients and business.

Alongside our internal Diversity & Inclusion initiatives that support and engage our small team, EdenTree is taking active measures to broaden our talent pool and has partnered with a number of specialist firms and charitable organisations. These organisations are supporting us in a number of ways, including helping us to amend our job descriptions, recruit and support new team members, offering training and raising awareness in our industry.

Supporting charity partners through grant-making, volunteering and idea sharing

Our charitable ownership and commitment to our customers and communities mean we have a unique opportunity to create a positive impact in the world. As well as our core giving with the EdenTree Community Fund, the Benefact Group runs its own giving programmes such as the Movement for Good Awards and the 12 Days of Giving at Christmas, and each colleague has a personal grant that they can give to a charity of their choice, which is matched if you volunteer for the same cause.

Protecting our planet and tackling climate change

At EdenTree, driving positive action and decarbonising in absolute terms means more to us than just reducing our carbon footprint. It goes beyond our work as a responsible investment manager to engaging peers and supporting our local communities. We understand it is those that are deeply embedded in the community, including charities, community groups and schools, that can best support and promote climate action and we are delighted to fund and champion a number of climate-related initiatives. In addition, and in full support of the Benefact Group’s environmental ambitions, we have several initiatives in place to reduce our operational emissions, and a strong strategy to reduce our financed emissions (scope 3).


In January 2023, to mark five years of our corporate responsibility initiatives, we formalised our strategy into three focus areas of People, Community and Environment. We also refreshed the Committee membership with representation from different departments across the firm. Aaron Cox, Head of Investment Communications, was appointed Committee Chair, with Leonora Rae, Head of Social Responsibility as Deputy Chair.

Our colleague led Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee has oversight of the key impacts that make up our own corporate impact, as well as oversight of the EdenTree Community Fund.

Aaron Cox, CR Committee Chair and Head of Investment Communications

Leonora Rae, Deputy Chair and Head of Social Responsibility


Leonora Rae

EdenTree's CR Committee

Community Investment Fund

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