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Delivering real world positive impact alongside financial returns

Sustainable development requires a vast amount of funding per annum, of which there is currently a shortfall. An estimated $2.1 trillion is needed to achieve the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in emerging market economies by 2030 in the areas of education, health, electricity, roads, water & sanitation, for instance. To achieve net zero emissions by 2050 requires approximately $4 trillion in clean energy transition-related investment per year. Impact Investing, by mobilising capital towards projects that address these societal challenges, bridges this gap and avails a credible means to advancing a sustainable future in a just and inclusive way.

Making an impact on sustainability

The fund aims to invest in fixed income instruments with demonstrable positive environmental and social impact, while delivering competitive financial returns.

Performance with Principles

EdenTree is the original responsible investment house having launched one of the first ethical equity funds in the UK back in March 1988. For us, responsible investment is not just a fad, but a long-term dedication to performance with principles. 
Investors increasingly want their investment portfolios to make a difference and have a positive impact on society and the environment around them.

At EdenTree we applaud this alignment of investment with values. After all, as pioneers in responsible and sustainable investing, our strategy for over 30 years has been to invest for the long-term to create a better world for tomorrow.


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Global Corporate Bond


Fund manager

David Katimbo-Mugwanya

Head of Fixed Income

David Katimbo Mugwanya

David leads on EdenTree’s Responsible & Sustainable fixed income strategies, including the Sterling Bond, the Short Dated Bond and the Global Impact Bond Funds. David joined EdenTree in 2015 and possesses over a decade of investment expertise across sovereigns, corporate debt and money markets. His previous experience at Epworth Investment Management saw him managing fixed income portfolios via designated mandates as well as bespoke solutions. Along with a BSc. Economics degree from the University of Essex, David is a CFA Charterholder. David is a member of the London Stock Exchange’s Primary Markets Group, an advisory group to the LSE on all matters affecting primary capital markets.

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Fund Manager

Michael Sheehan

Fund Manager

Michael Sheehan

Michael joined the EdenTree Fixed Income Team in 2021 and is responsible for co-managing EdenTree’s Responsible & Sustainable fixed income strategies, including the EdenTree Global Impact Bond Fund. He is also Co-manager of the Responsible & Sustainable Managed Income Fund. Michael Joined from Aberdeen Standard where he assisted in managing European investment grade credit funds. Michael is a CFA Charterholder and also holds the CFA Certificate in ESG investing. He holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Reading.

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