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The charities team at EdenTree Investment Management take a look at why sitting in cash might be losing you money and diminishing your charities ability to fulfill its mission.

Is Cash No Longer King?

Philip Baker Philip Baker Head of Charity Business Development

Is Cash No Longer King?

Philip Baker

Head of Charity Business Development

The aim of the webinar is to examine the long-term implications on a charity’s cash reserves when left un-invested in the current economic environment and asks – is cash really still a ‘safe’ option for charities to adopt?

Philip Baker, Head of Charity Business Development and Ketan Patel, Charity Fund Manager, will consider:

  • Why sitting on cash might not be as safe an option as first thought
  • How inflation and interest rates are impacting the reach of your reserves
  • Why this matters for charities and what they can do about it

With record low interest rates becoming the new normal and inflation continuing to rise, charities are feeling the squeeze on their finances like never before.

At the same time, after a decade of austerity, our society is increasingly turning to the third sector to provide help and support to millions in need. What can charities do to ensure that they are preserving capital and getting a return from their reserves that will enable them to carry their mission forward into the future?