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Access to Medicine Index (ATMI) 2018

Neville White
By Neville White Head of SRI Policy and Research January 2019
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Access to Medicine Index (ATMI) 2018

Access to Medicine Index (ATMI)

The SRI Expert Briefing looks at the Access to Medicine Index (ATMI), which was first formed in 2008. The Index is a biennial ranking of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to improve access to medicine. The data from the ATMI is made publicly available and is utilised by investors, governments, NGOs and the pharmaceuticals industry with the aim of improving access to medicine.

What does the briefing cover?

This briefing covers what the ATMI is, and looks at what access depends on, including factors such as availability and affordability. Furthermore, it explores the context of the ATMI, along with how the Index scores pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, it looks at how EdenTree uses the ATMI to make portfolio acquisitions such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), along with ranking changes from previous surveys such as the rise of Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

The briefing then looks at what differentiates leaders of the Index, and the associated risks and opportunities. The briefing then summarises with EdenTree’s exposure to the AMTI, looking at our portfolio holdings in our Amity Funds such as GSK and AstraZeneca.

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