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Responsible Investing

EdenTree’s thought-leadership research draws on an unrivalled depth of expertise that has built up over 35 years as pioneers in responsible and sustainable investing.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on taking a truly active approach to investing.

For us, this means being benchmark aware, not benchmark constrained. We have found this contrarian approach can deliver significant outperformance over the long-term when combined with fundamental stockpicking factors to identify intrinsically sound, value-orientated companies. Combined with our responsible and sustainable investment process, this provides us with a truly active edge to our portfolios.


Our Process

Our fund managers and responsible investment team work in parallel to deliver Performance with Principles.

We employ a process whereby responsible and sustainable factors are fully integrated into the investment management process, with our fund managers and responsible investment team working side by side to generate ideas, analyse opportunities, create meaningful and diversified portfolios and undertake ongoing evaluation.

At a stock level, we look for companies that have meaningful market share, strong cash-flows, good management, robust balance sheets, high levels of recurring revenues and high barriers to entry – in short, business models that can deliver regardless of the macroeconomic and geo-political backdrop.


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Video/Webinar 20 Dec 2023

Neville White reflects on 13 years at EdenTree

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Video/Webinar 19 Dec 2022

Sustainable Investment Alliance Roundtable: COP27 in review

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World Benchmarking Alliance

The World Benchmarking Alliance has developed a series of benchmarks assessing 2,000 of the world’s most influential companies, ranking and measuring them on their contributions to the SDGs. These include the Corporate Human Rights, Gender and Just Transition Benchmarks.


ISS-ESG is a leader in ESG and Corporate Governance research, data and analytics, and supports EdenTree’s research process with insights on company environmental, social and governance data, helping to identify social and environmental risks and opportunities.

The Access to Medicine Index

The Access to Medicine Index ranks pharmaceutical and healthcare companies on how they make medicines, vaccines and diagnostics more accessible in low and middle-income countries. EdenTree has been a supporter since its inception.

The Access to Nutrition Index

The Access to Nutrition Index assesses the contribution the private sector makes to addressing global nutrition challenges and facilitate improved diets by ranking companies in the food and beverage sector on their approach to obesity and under-nutrition. Health & Wellbeing is one of our positive pillars so this is an important area for EdenTree and we have been a supporter since inception.

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

CHRB, the Corporate Benchmark on Human Rights ranks companies based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as additional standards for various industries. This is a new initiative and EdenTree is a founder supporter.

Business Benchmark on Animal Welfare

BBFAW, the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare is a global measure of company performance on farm animal welfare, benchmarking companies on animal welfare standards in the food supply chain. EdenTree has been a leading supporter of the initiative since inception.