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<span style="color: #ffffff;">The Original Responsible Investor</span>

The Original Responsible Investor

Leading the way in responsible and sustainable investing. 

Investors are increasingly looking to their portfolios to have a positive impact on society and the environment. As pioneers in responsible and sustainable investing, we have a long-term dedication to performance with principles.

About Us
6 years of carbon footprinting EdenTree's funds

6 years of carbon footprinting EdenTree's funds

We have been carbon footprinting our funds for six years now, as a part of our commitment to transparency around the vital issue of climate change and our carbon aware approach to investing. It has been encouraging to see a reduction in the amount of CO2 associated with our investments over the course of these last six years. Find out more about our funds' carbon footprints below

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The Original Responsible Investor Branching Into Multi-Asset

The Original Responsible Investor Branching Into Multi-Asset

EdenTree's new Multi-Asset funds have been launched to provide advisers with tailored access to EdenTree’s responsible and sustainable investment expertise via a new range of risk controlled multi-asset funds. The three funds are designed to meet the range of different risk objectives and investment goals and are continuously monitored to meet your needs.

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<span style="color: #1f5da0;">EdenTree's partnership with British swimmer Alice Dearing</span>

EdenTree's partnership with British swimmer Alice Dearing

EdenTree is proud to announce our new partnership with Team GB Olympic athlete Alice Dearing. Just as we have been pioneers in the delivery of responsible and sustainable investments, Alice has demonstrated her pioneering spirit in the world of open water swimming and will be the first black woman to represent Team GB in the sport.

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EdenTree Higher Income Fund name change to Responsible & Sustainable Managed Income Fund

EdenTree Investment Management (“EdenTree”) has announced the renaming of its Higher Income Fund to EdenTree Responsible & Sustainable Managed Income Fund. The Fund’s name change will allow investors and potential investors to better understand the socially responsible values instilled by the manager. It also reflects the values of its holdings, which are now part of EdenTree’s best-in-class ESG screening framework.



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Climate change and net zero
RI expert briefings28 Oct 2021

Climate change and net zero

Scientific consensus is that we need to bring global carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050 to give the world a chance of averting the worst impacts of climate change. But what does net zero mean in practice? In this RI Expert Briefing, which coincides with the publication of our annual portfolio carbon footprints, we define commonly used terms such as net zero and outline what we look for in a company’s response to climate change.



Our Responsible & Sustainable Investment Process

To be considered suitable for inclusion within our range of responsible and sustainably managed funds, securities must meet the criteria laid out by our screening model.

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RI Credentials 29 Sep 2021
UK Stewardship Code Report 2021

Performance with principles

EdenTree is an investment management firm with a strong heritage of delivering profits with principles. Read on to find out about the culture, values and approach that makes us different.



About EdenTree

We are an investment manager with £3.7bn of assets under management. We believe that consistent, long-term returns are more likely to be achieved by investing responsibly in sustainable businesses.

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Our Responsible & Sustainable Approach

We fully integrate ESG risk factors across our investment process in order to deliver superior returns and add value for clients. This integrated approach covers four key areas: screening, engagement, governance and thought leadership research. It is a holistic approach, which we define as responsible and sustainable investing.

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Our award winning funds

Our range of funds offer our clients the chance to diversify across asset classes, regions and strategies, but with the central philosophy that achieving consistent, long-term returns is more important than capitalising on short-term market trends.

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