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EdenTree Higher Income Fund name change to Responsible & Sustainable Managed Income Fund

15 November 2021

Press Release

EdenTree Investment Management (“EdenTree”) has announced the renaming of its Higher Income Fund to EdenTree Responsible & Sustainable Managed Income Fund. The Fund’s name change will better describe the objectives and approach of the manager to deliver income within a responsible and sustainable approach. It also reflects the values of its holdings, which are now part of EdenTree’s ESG screening framework.

The entire EdenTree fund range is subject to thorough ESG screening processes, reinforcing the firm’s history and experience of more than 30 years leading the field in ESG and responsible investing. There have been some minor changes in the fund portfolio to ensure that the investments are better protected from climate and social risks while contributing positively to solving these challenges.

The screening criteria means the fund’s holdings are now assessed both by their impact on the environment and society as well as their potential to create societal benefit. The Fund excludes companies that have 10% or more material involvement in alcohol and tobacco production, weapon production, gambling, publication of violent or explicit materials, oppressive regimes, companies using animals to test cosmetic or household products, intensive farming, fossil fuel exploration and production, as well as high-interest lending.

Chris Hiorns, CFA, Head of Multi-Asset Strategies & European Equities, EdenTree, comments: “The fund now more closely reflects our values, and the values of our investors; to support businesses that have a positive impact upon the world we live in. Our funds have long been subject to the highest ESG standards in the industry, and we continue to further our commitment to true responsible investing by always checking ourselves against our values and providing transparency to our customers.”

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EdenTree are pioneers in responsible and sustainable investing, having launched one of the first ethical equity funds in the UK, in March 1988. We are proud of our 30 year track record in delivering exceptional, long-term results for our clients. Based in the heart of the City of London, our investment team also has some of the longest continuous track records of any in the UK investment community. Today, we have £3.7bn of assets under management across our range of funds.

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